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Hi There! I'm Sara.


Meet the founder and designer of Crane and Clover Co, Sara Teragouchi. Lover of all things love, Sara first discovered her passion for calligraphy when she was in the process of planning her own wedding. 

A date was picked, and she was all set to begin sending out her own wedding invitations when, much to her surprise, she was told by her mother that she was simply not allowed to have the address printed on the invites. They must be handwritten, and mother knows best! 


Sara obliged, and after one calligraphy class she walked away with a new-found passion and a dream. Her vision became crystal clear: she’s destined to bring the magic to every couple’s special day through customized wedding invitations and signage.

Writing Calligraphy | Crane and Clover Calligraphy

As a wedding invitation and event signage company, it’s only fitting that this Cinderella story started with Sara’s own wedding. The name Crane and Clover emerged from the blending of her and her husband’s family. Her husband’s Japanese heritage called for the presence of origami cranes to be displayed at their wedding as a symbol of longevity, while Sara’s Irish background called for an extra dose of luck. As the two became one, so too did the name and values of Crane and Clover become the foundation of what the business is today.

What's in the name?

With a little bit of luck and a commitment to longevity, Sara has found the formula for helping couples navigate a stress-free wedding invitation and signage experience. Her love for weddings combined with her eye for design has allowed her to create a seamless experience for every couple she works with. Sara strives to be more than just another vendor on your list, she is a friend and trusted resource that you can call on time and time again. 


When you work with Crane and Clover you can rest assured that you have found a trusted designer who will be with you every step of the way, from your invites to your wedding day.


Are you ready to bring your wedding dreams to life?  Let the magic begin with Crane and Clover as your trusted wedding invitation and signage designer. 

Sara Teragouchi | Crane and Clover Calligraphy

Let the Magic Begin!

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